When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month.  If you subscribe during the middle of the month, you will be charged for your first package on the 1st of the upcoming month.  Kits are mailed around a week after that.

How do I cancel (or update my subscription)?

When you signed up, you should have received an email with a link to update or cancel your subscriptions - but emails get lost!  So you can always find a subscription update button at the footer of the website where you can make changes at any time.  When you click that link, it will email you a one-time link that allows you to update or cancel your subscription.  If at any time you are having issues, please email us (though don’t send us your credit card number), and we are happy to help you out!   resist@handwrittenrevolution.com



How did Handwritten Revolution Start?

In January of 2017 we threw a home letter-writing party for our friends.  We bought every postcards at the thrift store and asked for donations to cover supplies.  The party was a hit but we learned a couple lessons: a lot of folks don't know how to write a political letter or even where a stamp goes on a postcard.  We also learned that 30 writing prompts was wayyyyyy  too many.  So for our next party we organized supplies into sandwich bags containing 6 pre-stamped postcards and a printout container 6 letter-writing prompts.  Word travelled fast and soon we were being asked if we had extra "kits" folks could share with friends and co-workers.  It became clear that folks wanted to do something but they weren't sure where to start.  We also realized that if we really put our organizing skills to work we could reach a much larger audience by making a subscription service that anyone in the US could participate in.  We set to work and launched our first kit in May of 2017 and the rest is history! 

How do you decide on prompts?

Both of us have worked for and volunteered with various non-profits and activist groups over the past 15 to 25 years.  Because of that we have built a network of contacts, newsletters, and news sources from which we scour for letter-writing topics.  We narrow our topics down based on those we think letter-writing could have the biggest impact.


Is Handwritten Revolution appropriate for youth?

Because the nature of political letter writing is to address societal injustices, many of our letter-writing prompts will address issues of physical and sexual assault, police brutality, hate crimes, and other topics related to systemic violence.  That said, we know of many subscribers who write their letters with their middle school and high school aged children.  We recommend a caretaker review the prompts prior to sharing and make your best decision on what to share.

We understand all of our prompts might not work for everyone which is why our postcards arrive un-addressed so you can customize your own content or write for an issue other than the ones we provide.

I'm an artist - how do I design a postcard?

We choose art on a quarterly basis.  We pay $100 and do not require the artwork to be new or unpublished.  If you are interested email us a link to your website or 3 photos that you feel represents your style.  We strongly encourage artists of all backgrounds and prioritize art from people of color, trans* and non-binary folks, and other under-represented groups. 


How do I write a political letter?

  • Focus on one issue or request

  • Include a personal story - it will help your letter stand out and can be used to support an issue.

  • Write as neatly as possible

  • Don't send threats - it's illegal and will undermine your message

  • Sign using your first name, city, and state if you feel comfortable doing so

How do I find out who my national/state/county/city reps are?

Oh my goodness! We are so glad you asked!  We have created this handy Address Book where you can find the addresses and links to find the specific rep for your district.  Check it out!  Bookmark it!  Make it your best friend.

Why don’t you provide email addresses?

Lot’s of folks send emails - and while they are better than nothing - phone calls and handwritten letters have a much bigger impact.  There are a plethora of amazing groups, some new and some old, that you can find with a simple Google search that will provide you with ample opportunities for sending emails, signing online petitions, and tweeting.  We are trying to do something a little different, and facilitate a form of resistance that has a high impact (as well as physical evidence).  And we still do our fair share of petitioning, tweeting, and email as well!


Aren’t our legislatures already progressive?  Why do we need to write to them if we I already agree with them?

Progressive legislatures they might agree with you on a lot - but even when they do agree, it’s important for them to have communications with constituents that they can use to support their positions in national politics.  And having personal stories of how their constituents are affected by national policies is even better.  We encourage you to look up your legislators and learn about their positions and voting record on issues you care about. No matter where you live, it’s important to know that even Democrats are landlords, real estate magnates, and have special interests.  They also spend most of their day in meetings with lobbyists for corporations - not everyday people.  It's worth figuring out where they stand on issues that matter to you.


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